Two Successful Women-Owned Businesses Merge to Launch the Global Corporate Culture Consultancy Successful Culture International (SCI)

As part of the rebranding, SCI created a new website packed with tools, resources & programs to help organizations build engaging, productive cultures, implement supporting HR strategies & develop transformational leaders & teams.

Two successful women

Sterling, VA (July 24, 2018) – Successful Culture International (SCI) – a new global corporate culture consultancy that leads private-sector organizations, federal agencies, and associations undergoing significant transformation through a proven model to define, stabilize, and strengthen organizational cultures – has been created by two women entrepreneurs with five decades of experience building extraordinary workplaces.

SCI co-founders Marissa Levin and Jennifer Brown have been close friends and business associates for 15 years and ran their own organizational development consulting firms before joining forces. Throughout their entrepreneurial journeys, they’ve collaborated on dozens of initiatives and developed more than 50 years of collective experience helping organizations build exceptional cultures to attract, hire, retain, and leverage outstanding talent.

“We realized that we were doing so much collaboration, and we decided that there’s strength in numbers,” says Ms. Levin. “Jen and I share the same value system, the same passion for wanting to create great places to work and our services are very synergistic, so we decided to join forces.”

Learn more about how the SCI team was formed by watching the video here.

At SCI, “we work with companies to make sure that they have got a culture and a work environment that is going to bring people to the organization,” says Ms. Brown. “People are going to work there!”

The global corporate culture consultancy works with leaders who are struggling to bring different organizations and cultures together, attract and retain talent, strengthen their own as well as their management teams’ competencies, and/or improve employee morale and communications.

In order to foster an organization’s success and a commitment to the values of trust, reliability, integrity, respect, collaboration, and relevance, SCI introduced the proprietary Culture Development Lifecycle (CDL) tool to prevent the loss of productivity, people, and profits. This is an end-to-end model that helps set up an organization’s culture right from the start. Learn more here.

To equip executives with the leadership development they need to reach their greatest personal and organizational potential, SCI rolled out the SCALE Academy. This nine-module curriculum, which can be facilitated independently or in full, incorporates video-based instruction from other leadership experts, accompanied by detailed discussion worksheets. The program can be customized for any level within the organization, from entry-level to executive.

Supplementing the wealth of culture-building resources available on the SCI website, from case studies and video to blogs and published articles, Ms. Brown and Ms. Levin recently published a chapter in You@Work: Unlocking Human Potential in the Workplace. Along with 14 other leading human resources and organizational development experts, the chapter titled “Shifts Happen! How Leaders Can Maximize These Opportunities to Create Thriving Cultures” explores how to unlock potential and maximize employee performance by embracing the human spirit. Order your copy here.

About Successful Culture International

Successful Culture International is a global corporate culture consultancy that leads organizations undergoing significant transformation through a proven model to define, stabilize, and strengthen organizational cultures. SCI also works with emerging companies to help define their corporate cultures so that they can attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

SCI works with private-sector clients, federal agencies, and associations to help them clarify their current organizational state and desired organizational state based on shifting priorities, external factors and internal strengths and weaknesses. Through SCI’s work, the consultancy eliminates the barriers and obstacles that are impeding an organization’s growth.

SCI cofounders Marissa Levin and Jennifer Brown hold MBAs and MAs in Organizational Development, Human Resources Development and Curriculum Development, and have more than 50 years of collective experience designing, developing, and implementing executive development and leadership programs. The SCI team is comprised of senior consultants with at least 15 years of experience who are masters at developing organizational strategy and then roll up their sleeves to execute. Ms. Levin and Ms. Brown select each team member according to their personal core values, experience, expertise, and track record of success.

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