SOAR Community Network Acquires Successful Culture International

Dear New Friend,

THANK YOU for your commitment toward building a SUCCESSFUL CULTURE that inspires and motivates, and for your commitment to being the best leader possible.

As a member of the Successful Culture mailing list, you will receive actionable insights for creating and sustaining a Successful Culture in your organization, and strategies for reaching your personal leadership potential.

Additional Benefits Include

  • Weekly newsletters with columns on organizational culture & effective leadership, profiles of organizations that live the attributes of successful cultures, and summaries of thought leaders that present on topics that are essential to business growth
  • New products and services from Successful Culture that you will be first to know about
  • Special invitations and alerts to events

My thank-you gift is:

Eight Secrets to a Growth Driven Culture

The chapter provides differences between boards of directors and boards of advisors, differences between consultants and advisors, the four types of advisory boards, and 35 ways to leverage your board.

Thank you again for your support. I am excited to be a part of your entrepreneurial and leadership journey. VIEW PDF »