How to Create a High-Performing Team Within Your Organization, with Steven Gaffney

Episode 2:

At the age of 3, globally known speaker & communications expert Steven Gaffney faced tremendous communications challenges. His parents were advised to put him in special needs classes for delayed and challenged children, but his mother refused and worked with doctors to discover that Steven’s delay was actually caused by ear infections and was 100% repairable. After several operations and extensive speech therapy, Steven began voraciously speaking, and no one has ever been able to silence him since.

Steven faced and overcame cancer in 2009 and has been cancer-free for 10 years. There are many things that he has learned along his journey, including how to navigate life in the most unexpected circumstances, predicting and sustaining business growth, and to develop an appreciation in the workplace where people spend the majority of their life.

He incorporates his stories of triumph into his speaking engagements, as it is more apparent in today’s culture than ever before that results-driven, high-performing contributors are required to move through times of uncertainty and change.

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Steven’s passion for honest communication turned into a career in helping organizations build better cultures
  • The number one key to making a high-performing team for your organization
  • How Steven goes about converting a team into a high-performing team
  • The four major steps of the Reboot Process
  • Two examples of difficult teams that Steven transformed into high-performing teams and how he achieved this
  • How Stephen’s high-performing model can work when organizations are looking at adding new team members who may not have gone through the initial training
  • How organizations need to reward honesty to help create a better culture
  • What happens when people cannot trust each other in an organization and how the “Vegas Rule” can help
  • Three questions anybody can use in a meeting that will turn any conversation into a solution-oriented conversation
  • Why Steven believes that the best way to improve an organization’s culture is by starting with the leadership team
  • Three major characteristics that determine whether your leadership team is really a team
  • Two things a leadership team and team members can do to contribute to a corporate culture that has high-performing teams

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