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The average worker spends 90,000 hours at their job during their lifetime, yet 87% have no passion for their work and 80% are downright miserable. It shouldn’t be this way, and fixing it comes down to one word: culture. With 50 years of combined experience, Marissa Levin and Jennifer Brown host Successful Culture International, a podcast dedicated to developing winning cultures for every company, from two-person startups to Fortune 50 organizations.

Episode 22: Unique Initiatives to Create a Great Culture, with Cody Foster

Cody Foster is one of the co-founders of Advisors Excel. In 2004, after leaving a corporate job to partner with David Callanan to be independent financial advisors, he realized the support system for independent advisors was dramatically insufficient. So, in 2005, along with third partner Derek Thompson, they formed Advisors Excel with a goal of […]

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Episode 21: Strategically Using Talent Assessment Tools, with Fletcher Wimbush

As the CEO of The Hire Talent, a talent assessment software company, and Wimbush & Associates, Inc., a talent search firm, Fletcher Wimbush has interviewed over 8,000 job applicants. In addition to talent assessment and executive search work, Fletcher created the Power Interview Guide, the most effective 30-minute interview ever of all time, and co-authored […]

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Episode 19: The Many Benefits of Mentoring Programs, with Julie Kantor

Julie Silard Kantor is the founder of Twomentor, LLC, and an all-in roll-up your sleeves leader and serial entrepreneur committed to building mentoring cultures to drive employee engagement, retention and elevating a diverse, skilled workforce. Whether in a boardroom with executives or working with collaborative teams, Julie instills excitement, inspires commitment, and demonstrates an unwavering […]

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Episode 18: Creating a Dramatic Cultural Shift Through Fun, with Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen is RedPeg’s Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and all-around community advocate. With over 25 years of experience, he’s led operations and financial planning for a number of finance and media firms, including Wells Fargo Bank, Henninger Media Services, Inc. and Congent Finance & Operations, LLC to name a few. His reputation precedes […]

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Episode 17: Growing a Business with Culture in Mind, with Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe has a knack for building strong partnerships with both internal and external clients and strategically recruiting for difficult-to-fill positions. Not only can she design and deliver an impeccable customer service program–she’s made it a daily practice. Julie began her 20+ year career working in the hospitality industry. It was there that Julie found […]

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Episode 15: The Massive Crisis of Employee Disengagement, with Andrew J. Sherman

Andrew Sherman is a partner in the Corporate Department of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, and serves as the Corporate office chair for the Washington, D.C. team. He focuses his practice on issues affecting business growth for companies at all stages, including developing strategies for licensing and leveraging intellectual property and technology assets, intellectual asset management and […]

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Episode 14: The Intentionality of a People-Focused Culture, with Ron Alvesteffer

During his tenure, Ron Alvesteffer has helped Service Express define its market and create a unique performance-driven culture for employees. Service Express’s Core Value to work with our employees to help them achieve their personal, professional and financial goals creates opportunities for employee achievement and has led to outstanding individual and team performances resulting in […]

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