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This ever-growing list of resources contains links to my white papers, videos, and other resources that will help you reach your leadership potential.

It also contains links to public events and other resources that you may find helpful.

Advisory Board Resources

Here are a few white papers I have written on how to build great advisory boards.

Six Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make When Selecting Advisory Boards – And How to Avoid Them

Six Required Building Blocks for a Great Advisory Board

Want to know why the time is now for women to take their place in the Boardroom?  Watch my TEDx Talk: Women Taking Their Place in the Boardroom.

You can also access my columns from SmartCEO Magazine on my Media page.

Additional White Papers on Leadership, Masterminds, and Culture

15 Pearls of Wisdom for Young Entrepreneurs Successful Culture

Seven Ways a CEO Mastermind Group Propels Your Growth

Nine Strategies of Resilience

Eight Secrets to a Growth Driven Culture

Productivity Resources

Looking for tools and resources to increase your productivity and efficiency? The partial list below is borrowed with permission from a presentation by Derek Coburn, Founder and CEO of Cadre.

Outsourcing & Automation

  • Rescue Time: Tracking your most productive times and how much time your are spending on certain programs (also blocking websites that may be distracting)
  • Sweet Process: Systems Manual/Documenting System
  • Jing, Camtasia, etc.: share images and videos of your screen with voice-over recording. GREAT for outsourcing tasks and systems creation
  • Virtual Assistants
    • Develop a recurring relationship with a GVA (general virtual assistant). I use AssistantMatch, which can set you up with someone (or multiple people) anywhere from 1-30 hours per week (and this can vary from week to week)
    • Task Rabbit: running local errands
    • Elance: Freelancers (designers, copywriters, etc.)
    • Fiverr: $5 tasks
  • LastPass: Keeps track of passwords/Share access to websites with others w/o providing actual login information
  • Sanebox: Prioritizes your emails and schedules f/u reminders when you do not get a response from someone
  • Contactually: automate f/u with important contacts, ScaleMail (micro-merge), and much more!
  • Zapier: automate actions in one service based on triggers from others
  • Subscribe & Save: the thing showing up is the reminder to do it

 Managing Expectations

  • Vcita: Save time on scheduling and pre-determine your available times for phone calls/meetings with different segments of contacts


  • Gratitude Journal: Get The Five Minute Journal and begin using it daily
  • Rituals
    • Read The Miracle Morning
    • create a “Theme Soundtrack” for yourself  (I listen to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem almost daily.)
  • Podcasts/Audiobooks (fueling your mind on the go)
    • iTunes/Pocketcasts (the best app for Android IMO)
    • Audible: monthly audiobook subscription service


  • Flux: during evening hours, reduce blue light emission (which decreases the production of melatonin)
  • Focus@Will: Music to increase productivity
  • Pomodoro Technique: Time management philosophy

Productivity Applications

  • Evernote: Keep track of everything (It’s amazing and free!)
  • Dropbox: Sync files across devices and teams (another must have!)
  • Nozbe: Task management software based on GTD (Getting Things Done) (The best tool I have found for integrating personal and team/project-related action items.)
  • Phrase Express: autotext, phrase templates, and much more…
  • Dragon: dictation software
  • Soundcloud: Respond to emails with personalized audio messages

Here is the link to Derek’s entire list of his presentation, Intentional Working and Living: Beyond Productivity Tools.