SOAR Community Network Acquires Successful Culture International

Key Principles

Our core purpose is to create and strengthen cultures  to drive employee and organizational growth

Our clients experience measurable culture shifts resulting in higher employee engagement, greater trust between employees and leaders, increased morale, increased productivity, lower attrition, higher profitability and a better workplace experience.

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SCI builds, stabilizes, and transforms corporate cultures across every industry to create extraordinary work environments that empower leaders to attract, recruit, hire and retain top talent.

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Successful Culture International is the Go-to organization for companies that understand the value of building great cultures and for companies truly committed to creating extraordinary workplaces.

Values Statements

Our core purpose is to help our clients create trust-based organizations. We achieve this by building relationships based on honesty, transparency and truth with our customers, employees and partners.
We deliver on every commitment we make.
We maintain alignment among our beliefs, intentions and actions. We commit to engagements that align with our core values and strengths and will make a positive impact in our client organizations.
We acknowledge and honor all opinions and positions. We ensure others feel valued and heard. We provide opportunities for everyone to express ideas and concerns.
We are in this together. No one person is more valuable than the sum of the parts. We stand “shoulder to shoulder” with our customers, employees and partners to achieve all objectives.
Our extensive expertise in corporate culture creates exceptional relevance with our client organizations. Our ongoing professional development and a learning-centric culture ensures we stay current with the knowledge and skills required to provide maximum value.