We’re Hiring A Marketing Intern!

We’re looking for a talented marketing intern to join the Successful Culture International team.

We work with solopreneurs, as well as the leadership teams of start-up, high-growth, & Fortune 1000 companies. We are a globally known consulting firm recognized for our ability to transform leaders and their organizations. We require a marketing intern that believes in the power of transformation too.

Current Objective:

We are developing and launching the Successful Culture Academy, a comprehensive suite of integrated information products to be sold online at Successful Culture Academy equips high-potential individuals and organizations with the mindset, strategies, resources, and communities they need to live their most fulfilling lives, according to their own definitions of success. We help participants define their desired state, and build their personal path to their greatest life.

Executing the Successful Culture Academy vision requires three components: Strategy, Science, and Systems. Marissa has the strategy, and has access to scientifically proven models to succeed. She has studied the most successful models available to gather the right data, create the most effective lead-capturing funnels, and convert leads to sales. Successful Culture now requires implementation of the systems to apply the science, and fully execute her vision.

Our intern will be responsible for compiling & aggregating Marissa’s existing content in her books, blogs, speeches, presentations, workbooks, & various columns, and converting it into information products to be sold online. Marissa holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development & Instructional Systems Design, and will provide a detailed curriculum blueprint that explains how the information products integrate to form the Academy to meet the learning needs of her students.

In addition, our intern will aid in the execution of an outreach campaign to drive traffic and the measurement of the results.

The Academy will be much more than a collection of content. Phase Two includes the creation of an exclusive members-only community, online learning events, and in-person events. The opportunity to establish & launch the online community is also a potential opportunity for the right intern, once we have completed Phase One.

You will work closely with an experienced & award-winning development team to help develop and implement the system.  The hours are flexible, the work can be done remotely, and the hourly pay is negotiable.

Are you up for this challenge? Are you ready to work with, and be mentored by, one of the most well-known, respected leaders? Are you ready to be a part of the Successful Culture Academy team & brand? Do you have a passion for marketing, writing, and learning?

We are ready to start now! Send your résumé to