“Business growth requires thoughtful strategy, great people, & repeatable processes. These elements drive an organizational culture that leads to growth, scalability, & sustainability."
– Marissa Levin



Welcome to Successful Culture, created specifically to share with business owners and executives my insights, experiences, successes, and lessons learned on how to build a sustainable, scalable, and successful culture. Now in its 19th year, my first company Information Experts has employees who have stuck by our side and trusted our leadership for almost two decades.

In my experience, employees stay for two reasons:

1.    The work they complete has personal meaning for them, and aligns to their personal values, interests and goals
2.    They feel passionate about where they work. They are happy there, and believe in the mission and leadership of the organization.

If either of these conditions goes away, commitment will diminish and key team members will leave.

Here at Successful Culture, our mission is to help leaders reach their greatest personal & organizational potential possible through strategic planning, process development, high-impact coaching, & goal execution.

You’ll learn strategies for building and sustaining a culture that will keep your employees engaged, happy, and committed to giving 110% — as well as cutting edge, innovative ideas that you can implement in your business every day—AND a whole bunch of fun concepts to play with.

You will also learn how to tap into and achieve your personal greatest potential.

Our core values are Excellence, Accountability, Transformation, and Growth. We look forward to living these values for you, and helping you achieve your greatest personal and organizational potential.

Thanks for visiting — and congratulations for your commitment toward building a Successful Culture.

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